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Sarah Ann Drake

Victorian botanical artist born in Skeyton, Norfolf, studied art in Paris.
She moved to London and illustrated for the Botanical Register 1829-1847, Lindley's Sertum Orchidacae 1837-1842, Plantae Asisticae Rariores 1830, James Bateman's orchidacae of Mexico and Guatemala.She created well over 1000 illustrations for the Botanical Register alone. She retired in 1847 and returned to Norfolk, married wealthy John Hastings in 1852 and three years later died of diabetes. She was one of the most accomplished artits of all time.

Hand-coloured engravings

Certifivate of Authenticity

Paper size: 9 3/4" x 6"

No. 1989 SILENE chloraefolia
CDN $35