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Limited Editions Trade Edition / In Print Out of Print
I Believe
Letters from Fairyland

The Philosopher's Cupboard (Savuti Press)
Tree Whispers

Affairs of the Heart
Animal Wisdom
An Unexpected Gift
Splendid Crow Booklet
Here Follows a Collection of Little People
Tree Whispers

The Fairy Market
Full Moon Eyes
Long Ago in Bangalore
Mr. Rabbit's Symphony of Nature
Quality Time
Sketches from the Dream Island of Birds

The Affairs of the Heart according to Birds
How to See Fairies
The Fairies Christmas

NEW Books, July 2018


Splendid Crow Booklet

Date: 2018
Size: 9" x 6"
Opens to a wonderful triptych 9" x 17"

Tipped on cover illustration
Tipped inside 3 illustrations

CDN $40

splendid_sm Splendid Crow Booklet

splendid_flap_sm Splendid Crow Booklet

Back flap

Here Follows a Collection of Little People

Date: 2018
Size: 8 1/2" x 5 5/8"

Tipped on cover illustration
4 pages illustrated
1 folded collection of little people

CDN $40

lit_people_cov_sm Here Follows a Collection of Little People

Unfolded booklet, one side
little_back_sm Back flap

NEW Book, September 2016

Tree Whispers

Deluxe Edition limited to 120 copies

Size: 6" x 9"

Green cover with a tipped on illustration, similar to Trade Edition with the addition
of a delightful Signed and Numbered Etching

24 pages, Hand-sewn
Numerous illustrations, mainly in black and gold, to accompany Charles' poem celebrating the Trees that "By God's Good Grace Hold the World in Place."

CDN $300

inside page
Signed and numbered etching

Tree Whispers

Trade Edition of 600 copies

Size: 6" x 9"

(Crown Octavo) Brown cover with a tipped on illustration
24 pages, Hand-sewn
Numerous illustrations, mainly in black and gold, to accompany Charles' poem celebrating the Trees that
"By God's Good Grace Hold the World in Place."

CDN $70

Front cover
Back cover
inside page detail
Inside page detail
Inside illustration
Back page

Long Ago in Bangalore

Publish date: December 2014

Six Book Plates
Four Book Marks
One Lovely Poem

Size: 9" x 6 1/2"
4 pages

CDN $38

bangalore1_sm bangalore2_sm

Limited Editions

I Believe


Deluxe Edition of 125

15 illustrations plus one etching
26 pages, acid-free paper, hand-sewn

Book Size: 9" x 6 1/2"

CDN $300

Inside page

Letters from Fairyland


Edition 200
Signed by the artist
Hand sewn

Size 8 1/2" x 5 3/4"

Cover pyrite yellow and 12 pages with 9 illustrations 5 posted letters printed on cream and buff paper.

Price $180.00

Inside page with tipped in letter


The Philosopher's Cupboard (Savuti Press)


The Philosopher's Cupboard
1st Edition 2009,
The Savuti Press

Edition of 199
28 pages 1 original etching titled Three Generations
Signed in pencil by Chales Van Sandwyk
2 full page letterpress engravings

Gilded cover and letterpress engravings on hand-made Italian paper
152 leaves are gilded by the artist's hand

Printed on Nideggen mould-made, St. Armand hand-made, and Firenze Magnani paper


Size: 9 1/2" x 6 1/2"

CDN $300

The Savuti Press had its beginnings back in Vancouver in the halcyon summer days of two thousand and nine –the warmest, longest summer in living memory.

Waisiki and I began the happy pursuit of writing, paper marbling, book design, and above all, thinking with a small amount of drinking. We wished to tackle some grand themes, and some esoteric ones, too. Some books are planned just for the fun of it. We would like to put out a book each year, but we'll see how that goes.

We began this venture with the hopes of printing our artisitic endeavors and philosophical wanderings on exquisite papers, and in small editions.

Like the spit of land in Fiji the press is named for, this is where our cultural tides converge, and where we mix the familiar with the new.

Just as a weary old travel trunk bears the stamps of all its destinations, so do books and stories tell of adventures–and bear the scuffmarks–of our lives.

philo2sm philo3sm

Detail: Three Generations, original etching

Trade Edition / In Print

Affairs of the Heart

2nd Edition, Oct., 2007
44 pages
14 tipped in illustrations
8 1/2" x 10 1/8"

CDN $110

affairs2_ed affairs3sm



Animal Wisdom

4th printing
Hand-sewn book on acid free paper
10" x 6 1/2"
28 pages

CDN $70

animalwisdom4sm animalwisdom2sm

The Fairy Market

1st Edition December 2009
16 pages
13 illustrations (6 tipped-in plates)
Gold-blocked cover
Acid-free paper

letterpress printing
Size: 10" x 8"
CDN $70
Dedicated to the everlasting memory of Arthur Rackham. A dreamy shopping trip.

6639 6694sm

The Fairy Market: detail, letterpress text and tipped in plate

Full Moon Eyes
An OdeTo The Wisdom And Forbearance Of Owls

First Edition, ltd. to 2000
Many drawings with 10 coloured plates tipped in
Size:9" x 6 1/2"
22 pages, on acid-free paper, hand-sewn
CDN $75





9085sm 9086sm


Mr. Rabbit's Symphony of Nature

Book with bookmark
1st Edition 2008
24 pages
8 1/2" x 6 3/4"
Hand-sewn on acid free paper
12 tipped-in colour illustrations
$CDN 75

Mr. Rabbit celebrates the end of winter as spring arrives with the appearance of the creatures from th wood and dell.

symphony of Nature
Center pages of Mr Rabbit's Symphony of Nature
rab_symphony2 rab_symphony4

Quality Time

Spoken Word and Songs by CVS
CDN $21.95

quality time 1 sm quality time 3 sm
quality time 2 sm
quality time 4sm


An Unexpected Gift

Christmas 2013
Signed by the artist
44 pages, numerous illustrations
Size" 9" x 6 1/2"
CDN $85

unexpected1sm unxpected2sm

Out of Print


The Affairs of the Heart
According to Birds

Edition 13/20

Signed in ink by Charles van Sandwyk
Red cloth binding, marblked paper
past down fly leafs

Size: 6 1/4" x 5"
8 full page sepia etchings
Another etching 1 1/2" x 2" handcoloured and inlaid on front cover
Date: 1992
CDN $5500


the_affairs_sm the_affairs_in_sm
the_affairs_folds_sm the_affairs_number_sm


The Fairies Christmas

Signed in pen Charles van Sandwyk
Typography by Robert R. Reid
Letterpress David Clifford at Black Ston Press

4 engravings
Size: 7 3/4" x 5"

One with fern-coloured nesting fairy on cover
One with golden brown nesting fairy on cover

CDN $225

fairy_exam_fern_sm fairy_in_b_sm
fairy_xmas_gold_sm fairy_in_a_sm

How to see Fairies and Pocket Guide to Little People

Offset Printing

CDN $75

h_t_s_sm h_t_see_in_sm




Sketches from the Dream Island of Birds

Hand-sewn book on acid free paper,
28 pages, 18 tipped in colour plates, various other illustrations
Size: 8 1/2" x 10 1/4"
CDN $150

Created from a dream Charles had when recovering from a traffic accident in Fiji. Dreams affect your destiny.


dream island

dream island 3

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